F Generations Explained

Savannah Cat F Generations Explained:

The Savannah Cat F generations explained in easy terms. Many people ask me how the generations are explained and what are the differences between them.

What does the F mean in Savannahs Cats?


 Next we have the ABC’s of the Savannah Cats

F Generations Explained



Although you have F generations, you also have the A, B, C and SBT. The BST shows 4 generations of pure Savannah cat to Savannah Cat.

The F1 Generation Savannah Kittens will always be the largest and closest to the serval. Therefore the cost is much higher. They can average anywhere from $10,000 to $20,000. The next largest will be your F2 males which will many times get as large as F1 females. Their costs can be anywhere from 5,000 to 10,000 depending on the blood lines.

Are Savannah Cat males Sterile?

Keep in mind the Savannah Males are sterile because of the serval until at least an F4 and only a few F4 fertile males exist. About 50% of the F5 males are fertile, therefore many use an F6 male for their breeding programs. The F6 male is bred to the F1 female for F2 kittens.

The Savannah kittens in the later generation will still have many of the same characteristics as the high generations as far as looks, body build, ears and spots. They will also have as much energy and love to play as much as the higher generations. They will be just a bit smaller, however, super cool cats too.

How much does the Savannah cat weigh?

The next question I am often asked is, How much does a Savannah Cat weigh? You really can not go by the weight of the savannah cat. They are built to be tall with long legs and a long body but sleek and built to make high jumps.I have seen Savannah Cats that stand 18 inches tall and only weigh 17 pounds. I have seen domesticated cats weigh 25 pounds but are only 10 inches tall. So weight really won’t say how large the Savannah cat will be.

Savannah kittens generations shown below These are Tys  Savannah Kittens

Generations Explained

Ty with his F5 Savannah Kitten

Generations Explained

Ty with his F2 Savannah Kitten

Male PricingFemale Pricing
F1 Savannah Kittens $10,000-$17,000F1 Savannah Kittens $10,000-$17,000
F2: Savannah Kittens $5,500-$7,500F2: Savannah Kittens $5,500-$7,500
F3: Savannah Kittens $2,500-$4,500F3: Savannah Kittens $2,500-$4,500
F4: Savannah Kittens $1,500-$3,500F4: Savannah Kittens $1,500-$3,500
F5-7: Savannah Kittens $1000-$3,000F5-7: Savannah Kittens $1000-$3,000

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