Kosmo the Savannah Cat Comes Home for a Visit

Kosmo the Savannah Cat Comes Home for a Visit

I am so excited to say Kosmo has come home for a visit. His father was deployed to Afganistan and we were more than happy to have our guy back while he is gone!

He has been here for 5 days and really starting to warm back up to us. He CHIRPS! It’s so awesome! I want to pick him up and give him big kisses like I did when he was a bay, but he has made it clear that is not an option. lol…

He sits on my lap and chirps at me. It cracks me up. His dad said he likes straws and he does play with them all the time. He sits by the door and waits for us to come and pet him. He is a fraidy cat to come out yet, but I am sure that will change soon enough.

He has the home every savannah breeder would want. Jason has done a wonderful job with him. Kosmo is very well adjusted and very happy to spend time with us. Hum, as a kitten I was ok to send him as I am prepared for sending kittens to new homes, but it will be hard to say goodbye this time. He is so BEAUTIFUL and quite a large boy. He actually made me nervous to be around for the first day. Now I know he just loves attention.  This is so great having him home for a while.

Kosmo the Savannah Cat

Kosmo and his new tree and chirping bird. As you can see he now thinks we might be ok humans lol…




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