The Queen has Regained Her Throne! **Funny**

The Queen has Regained Her Throne! **Funny**

This is the second of a long list of my own experiences with my F1 Savannah Cats and Savannah Kittens and why I love them so much. 
My savannah cats have never cared much for strangers. They either run and hide or stand and stare. If they stand and stare you may have a problem because it means they will jump at the person.  Needless to say a large cat jumping at you can be quite intimidating. I feel it’s better to keep them away from strangers. It calms the stranger and soothes the cat.
Of course you have to wonder what the definition of a stranger is. A stranger to one may not be to another and I have some friends and family that are stranger than others, trust me.The savannah cats love to jump. The higher the better. You must be prepared for that.

The Savannah Cat Jump

I applied a hook to my ceiling and lower a string with a toy tied to it. Story loves to jump straight up and get the toy from the ceiling. Yes, I do have a weird hook sticking right in the middle of my living room ceiling. Encouraging a savannah cat or savannah kitten to jump can be quite entertaining for both of you. However, keep in mind once they know they know they can do it, they do it all the time. Straight up onto a wall shelf that could contain glass pictures.

Time to Potty

I was having a family meal and decided to lock Story in the bathroom just to keep people out of trouble. My daughter needed to use the bathroom so I told her it was okay, not thinking anything about Story being in there. Story had opened the cabinet door and was asleep on my clean towels. No harm, or so I thought. Just as Kim made herself comfortable on her golden throne and prepared for the long awaited relief, Story came strolling out to see where the running water was coming from.
Well, Kim being terribly afraid of Story just sat there as a King frozen in time on her throne. As Story strolled past her and made her leap to the sink, Kim knew if she made 1 move Story would surely see her. At this point Kim’s goal was to pull herself together and put herself in a less compromising position.  As she slowly started to rise, Story caught what she felt was a very tempting challenge and knew she could easily dethrone this king. 

The Moment of Truth

Suddenly their eyes locked and both decided to make their move. Kim jumped up pulling her pants as Story leaped to Kim’s shoulders locking both paws around Kim neck and grabbing her long hair. A clear and clean 6 foot jump with such precise calculations knowing right where to land and how to latch on.
Imagine our laugh when I opened the door to see a woman with her pants half way up and a Savannah cat hanging on her head. Of course as soon as I said Quit! Story immediately dropped her pray and took her place back on the throne knowing full well she had just battled the enemy and taken her kingdom back.

Queen Story has Won

Meow meow she said so innocently as she began to unwind the toilet paper as if no battle for the kingdom had ever happened. She figured she may as well have the toilet paper since Kim didn’t use it anyway.
Since then Story has learned a valuable lesson. Never leap at the person while they are looking. Now she sits on the cabinet as pretty as a picture, until the person is leaving the room. Then she easily makes an 8 foot leap the moment you have your back turned to her.

Savannahs love to jump. We love watching them jump. A point to take into consideration, if you have older people in your home or small children this can be an issue. It’s a very natural thing for them to do and they do it so well. By the way, Kim now uses the bathroom downstairs.I hope you have enjoyed reading this and please stop back for the next insert of Life in Savannah land and Amanukatz.F1-savannah-cat-scSince this article we have lost our precious Story. She was a 1 of a kind treasure that will always live in my heart. I love you and will one day meet you again.


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