Savannah Cat Maggie

Savannah Cat Maggie

This is my Savanna Cat Maggie and her story. This page is for my savannah cat Maggie to show what a miracle cat she is. Maggie had a hard beginning. Her Mommy only had 1 baby and wasn’t interested in taking care of her.

savannah cat maggie

Maggie also had an issue with her liver. It didn’t develop correctly and caused her not to thrive. At 12 weeks old Maggie only weighed 8.4oz. Yes you heard me right ounces. No one thought Maggie would live. Which was probably why her mommy didn’t take care of her. When Maggie was about 16 weeks old her liver kicked in and she began to grow. And grow quickly.

Today Maggie is a healthy year old Savannah kitten who is always by my side. Since she had no mommy to teach her right from wrong and no one to explain to her she is a Savannah cat and not a human, Maggie has never figured it out. This little Savannah Kitten will be a forever 2 year old, always getting into trouble.


Maggie is wearing a Barbie doll horse blanket and is also pictures with a mini helicopter. That’s 1 small Savannah kitten.

As with all my Savannah Kittens, I never gave up on her. I knew she would someday make an awesome full grown happy and health Savannah Cat.

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