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What are Savannah Cats?

Many people ask, what is a Savannah cat?  Savannah Cats are the largest of all domesticated cats. They are also one of the most popular breeds of cats nowadays.

The Savannah cats are known for its dog like characteristics. They can walk on a leash and also play just fetch like a dog. Many times they learn to open doors and drawers. Their jumping ability is amazing and they learn it as a young Savannah Kitten. If you can’t find your savannah, you might want to look on top of a door or the refrigerator, as they love to be high in the air. The picture below shows and African Serval next to an F1 Savannah Kitten.

What is a savannah cat

Savannahs Cats were first created in the late 1980’s by crossing a domesticated cat with an African Serval. Nowadays they are using later generations of Savannahs to breed to Servals to create a higher percentage Savannah Kitten. Using the F Generation explain how close the are to the Serval.  Also, remember the higher the number, the closer they are.

Breed Standard calls for a tall slender cat with a spotted coat. You can read more about the savannah cat size on our size page. The ears should be round like the serval. The cat should come as close as possible in resembling the African Serval. Breeders are now using later generation pure bred Savannahs to breed to their serval to get more of the Serval appearance.

Colors of the Savannah Cats will vary.

There are 4 colors to consider when it comes to purchasing a Savannah kitten. Brown spotted Tabby, Sliver black spotted tabby, Smoke and Black or Melanistic. However, there are many variations to the colors. In addition to the colors listed, you will also see Snow.

Feeding the Savannah Cats is quite easy. Most kittens will eat normal cat food. We do suggest a quality food without the additives and harmful by products for in cheap brands. It is also advised to keep the young Savannah Kittens on a high protein food with a vitamin supplement.

Savannah Cats have a high level of energy. This needs to be taken into consideration when you are deciding to add a kitten to your home. Many families purchase 2 kittens within 6 months as the first will need a playmate. In fact, we have sold many kittens in pairs.


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