Savannah Kitten Legend and her Water Dish

Savannah Kitten Legend and her Water Dish

I visit my savannah cats and kittens all day long. It’s a crazy routine that starts from the moment  get up until the moment I go to bed. They are the first thing I see everyday and the last thing I see each night.

I have 2 savannah cats that amaze me when it comes to water. 1 in OC. She likes to dip her paw in the water and lick it off her foot as if sticking her nose in the water dish is some kind of strange horror for her. I use stainless steel so I assume she thinks there is another cat in the bottom of the bowl. It’s always been a pain for me as I have to change her water all day long. But really no big deal.

Now, I have added a new F1 savannah kitten to my empire of queens and kings! She is such a lovely girl but has 1 little cork that makes me crazy! She loves to tip her water bowl over. Not just play in it but actually lift it up and tip it over. Needless to say water goes all over. Then I have a wet floor and a wet savannah cat. I don’t mind the wet savannah cat until she jumps on me and I realize she has wet paws that were in a litter box with who knows what…. on her feet.

I decided I would outsmart her. I purchased the wire bowl holder. I thought HA! that will stop you. Nope, she simply tipped the entire wire holder over. So I went out and purchased the auto waterier. You know the one that has a water bottle attached to the top and it’s free flow.. really dumb idea. What was I thinking? Now I have a full gallon of water on the floor. So I went back out and purchased a HUGE 5 quart flat bowl and filled it thinking the weight would stop her. Nope, she loved that even more. After she put all her toys in it and soaked everything, she threw them out 1 by 1 until she had enough water out of the bowl she flipped it over. Now I have 10 wet toys. a wet floor and a wet cat. OMG, she’s crazy!

Ok, so I figured out the master plan. I absolutely had the greatest idea. I went out and purchased 2 sided sticky velcro. hehe this for sure will stop her. I stuck it on the bottom of the bowl and stuck the other piece on the floor. Put water in the dish and stuck it to the floor. I laughed and laughed knowing I had just out smarted her. All day I could hear her slapping at the dish and knowing she didn’t stand a chance. I had finally found the solution to Legend and her water. I heard her throwing her toys in and out and trying to get the bowl turned over. That night I went to bed knowing I would finally get up to her waterless floor and no mess to clean in the morning.

I jumped out of bed and ran to see how well she did with the bowl. To my AMAZEMENT, the sticky velcro was laying about 2 feet outside her pen in a puddle of water and the bowl was upside down. I swear she was sitting at the top of her cat tree laughing at me. How did she ever do that. This velcro is so sticky I couldn’t get it off the wood of a bench one time and this silly cat not only got it off the floor, she got it off the bowl and tossed it outside as if to say… next plan genius? hahaha

Ok, I give up! I finally put an elevated feeder in her pen and bolted it to the wall. So far she has not figured out she can lift the bowl from underneath and tip it right out of the feeder. I am sure this master of water sports will eventually out smart me again. I don’t know why I didn’t do this from the start. OC loves her feeder. Most of the time I can put the food in the second bowl but sometimes OC will play with the food all night and I will find 2 bowls full of mush the next morning.

Just another day in the life with savannah cats. I wouldn’t change it for anything.


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