Savannah Kitten Testimonials

Savannah Kitten Testimonials

What our Savannah kitten owners are saying:

Connie- Words will never do justice for how grateful I’ve been for allowing me the privilege to share my life with this incredible little creature I call Domino!

 After much homework, a growing admiration for the Savannah breed, I reached out to literally around 50 breeders, with little success. So many factors involved, tica verification, PayPal scammers, mysterious lines ect. Until I came across Amanukatz, the biggest blessing.

Everything Connie described couldn’t have been more honest and true. On top of being knowledgeable and trustworthy, her genuine passion for her animals and the Savannah breed was the most reassuring part for me. Every day is a promise of some new tactic Domino performs to make me smile and laugh. The biggest surprise since having Domino is his emotional connection. It’s truly indescribable what a devoted, inquisitive, stunning little (18lbs at one year “little”) illuminating soul:)As much as I love him, I more so can’t imagine my life without him. Thank you for everything Connie!

– Dominic and Domino

Thank you Connie for such a precious creature! Indy is EVERYTHING we were looking for! Her beauty is something pictures simply cannot capture. When the airlines handed her to us my daughter just said “Mom, she is soooo beautiful!” Her photos were gorgeous, so imagine what a pleasant surprise it was that she was actually even prettier. Her beauty is just one small feature of a well rounded kitty. She is amazingly affectionate and we have only had her three days! She already sleeps with Avrey, my 14 year old daughter. All five of us in the family just sit and watch her crazy antics. She is fascinating to play with! Even as a tiny kitten her agility and athleticism are impressive. I have been researching savannahs for quite some time. I have contacted numerous catterys. Some I never heard back from. A few were almost condescending at my ignorant questions. Connie was by far the most pleasant to speak with and was very helpful with our cat selection. I think her personality was what helped me convince my husband to spend this much on a family pet. We are having so much fun!

By the Curry Family…

Owning a Savannah is a big deal! They are amazing, exotic creatures that demand lots of love and attention! When our family decided we wanted to be parents to this beautiful species of cat, we did our research… Lots of it! I came across “Caramel”, an F2 female, on the Amanukats website. She sure was a cutie! She was exactly what we were looking for; an orange colored female. After doing much research, we decided to make her ours! We couldn’t have her right away, as she was still too young to leave her mom. My husband and I contacted Connie daily for a few months until she was ready to come home to us! We would call her and email her on a regular basis. Connie LOVED talking to us. The more she could talk about her babies, the happier she was! Everyday she had a new funny story about what antics “Caramel” was up to! Every time we would think of something or had a question, Connie was available to us. It was very reassuring to be able to talk to the breeder, person-to-person, whenever we needed to!

We’ve all had “regular” cats before. A Savannah is no “regular” cat and Connie helped us in preparing our home and our lives for the arrival of our new baby girl! She sent us the same food Caramel was currently eating so she wouldn’t be forced to change foods and get a tummy ache. She sent us wet and dry food. She sent an entire care package for Caramel so that she would be as comfortable as possible during her transition. This is what we considered to be a great breeder! A breeder who is caring for the animal even AFTER leaving her home is truly the breeder you want your animal to be raised with.

So, the day came when “Rhodesia” (formally known as “Caramel”) was coming home to us! Connie kept in touch with me the entire day, as I drove to the airport and as I waited for the plane to land! She was very concerned for Rhodesia’s well being and wanted to make sure she arrived safe and well! She arrived in her crate with a homemade crate pad that Connie made herself for Rhodesia’s long flight home!

After the first week of Rhodesia being home, her big personality came out! She is extremely confident, well adjusted and happy. My husband and I both have enough experience with animals to know that these qualities only come from being raised in a good, happy, loving home. She is a supreme example of what an F2 Savannah should look like and act like. She loves her big brother, a 6 year old Bichon dog. She loves him so much, we don’t dare tell her it’s not her real bother 🙂

Our baby girl is perfect in every single way! I don’t like to talk about money when I talk about my babies, because they are priceless, but I can tell you that my Savannah is worth every single penny that I pay for her high quality food and litter. She is MORE than worth the compensation that Connie received for raising her. There is no price that can be put on being raised in happy healthy environment!

By the Conner Family…



Hi Connie

I just want you to know how much fun and companionship Duna has brought to our family. He is a bit over 7 months old now and never a dull moment. His personality is purely playful and he is very much a love bug purring non stop. He loves to go outside with his walking jacket and he will bring his fetch toy and drop it at our feet and will play for quite awhile before tiring himself out. He gets along well with all the other cats especially his best friend Beck who is 2 years old. They are inseparable. I don’t know how to thank you enough for letting him come to live with us! I will send updated pictures soon! He is a big fellow!




Jason Writes:

“Owning a Savannah is like having a child… You can’t own nice stuff, forget about keeping anything clean, and they won’t shut up when you want some quiet. But at the end of the day it’s worth it and you wouldn’t trade them for anything in the world!!!”



Jamie Writes:

“I love the breed I asked my husband when I can get another one lol he said I’m crazy lol but maybe in a few months he’s in love too! 🙂 thank you so much for everything again, and thank you for sending me such a great kitten…

Thanks Mrs. Connie you’re the best!”



Bob Writes:

“Simba is doing great. He is eating everything in sight (and I mean everything). If it’s not locked up, bolted down, or covered with steel armor, he wants it. He’s definitely high-energy, which is good as this keeps him from gaining too much weight. He was neutered and chipped last week and is doing just fine after that… I don’t think he misses anything so-to-speak!!! I’m amazed at how social he is. If we have a house full of people, he’s right in the crowd and is not shy or bashful. I just cannot begin to tell you how wonderful this little boy is (including his playful devilish streaks). He’s super affectionate and is great with the kids.


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