Savannah Kittens Coming Home

Savannah Kittens Coming Home:

This is a list of suggestions for our new Savannah Kittens coming home rules. If you see something I have missed or should add, I welcome your suggestions. Since some people seem to have trouble following the directions, I have high lighted the super important items. Also, all our kittens have K-Love Radio playing 100% of the time. If you can get K-Love please allow them to listen to it when they first come home. If will be familiar to them and help them adjust to their new home sounds.

Please read prior to Savannah Kittens coming Home

  • When bringing home your new Savannah kitten, please remember they have just been removed from every thing and everyone they have ever known. The sounds are different, the smell is different and certainly the people are different.
  • We suggest the kitten go into quarantine until after their vet check and after they get to know you. A bathroom works nicely. DO NOT drop the kitten into a large area. They will be frightened and large areas can make it worse, especially with the higher generations.
  • Kittens will be so excited they will forget to eat and drink if they aren’t kept in with their food, water and litter box which is another reason for keeping them in a small room.
  • Many higher generations do not like to be picked up and held tightly. So when doing this make sure your close enough to the ground if the kitten jumps from your arms they won’t get hurt.
  • Never reach for your kitten in a threatening way or corner it and reach for it. Once they are frightened they tend to remember that. Especially the higher generations.
  • We suggest you open the door of the carrier and let the kitten have time to look around. Use a feather toy to lower them out. Do not reach in and try to grab them out of their carrier. They will come out as soon as they feel comfortable.
  • Once they are out of the carrier use the feather toy to lower them closer and closer to you so they have time to smell your hands.

Next step when bring your savannah kitten home

  • When your ready to introduce the kitten to your home, leave the bathroom door open and allow them to venture out on their own terms. Many times they will come out, look around and run back in. This is very normal.
  • If your going to be taking a kitten up and down steps, carry them like your a quarterback with a foot ball 🙂 If they get nervous, start over again.
  • We suggest showing them around the home or taking them to the sofa and playing with them on the sofa before allowing them to have free roam.
  • You can remove the top from the carrier to make it into their bed. They will use that to sleep in.
  • For the first few nights make sure the kitten is kept in the bathroom.
  • Introduce the kitten to your other pets ONLY after they feel confident in you and trust you! Give them plenty of time.
  • I know everyone is excited to meet your kitten, but allow visitors only AFTER they have bonded with you, otherwise they won’t know who they are supposed to bond with and can lead to stress for the kitten.

Feeding Time for your Savannah Kitten

  • When feeding chicken some kittens can be aggressive. Some don’t care and will take it from your hands very kindly. We try and work on being polite here, but it doesn’t always happen. Put their food on a paper plate. We always use paper plates for feeding any type of canned food. You can just throw the plate away when they are finished eating. We use stainless steel water dishes which can be sanitized easily in case you get a kitten that likes to use it as a swimming pool instead of a water dish.
  • Please do not make any quick changes in their food. Each time you change their food it can upset their stomach and cause vomiting and diarrhea. That can lead to an entire list of new issues. If your going to change foods, make sure it is done very slowly by adding a little each day to their diet.
  • Many of our Savannah kittens will come home on cooked ground chicken mixed with their diet. Don’t let them spoil you into thinking they should have just chicken. They need their vitamins and minerals. Should you want to put them on a raw diet or a solid cooked chicken diet, make sure you give them their vitamins everyday.

Play Time with your Savannah Kitten

  • While the kittens love to jump and will do it often. We encourage you to make sure they don’t jump off places too high. Kittens are like children and don’t always know what is best for them. Their bones are fragile as a young kitten and can be broken easily.

Above all, if you have any trouble at all. Call us. We are always here. If we don’t answer we will call you back right away as soon as we get the  message. We ask that you follow our directions and if for some reason you can’t or don’t want to, then I suggest finding a kitten somewhere else.

Care for your new Savannah Kitten

Please make sure your veterinarian follows your terms. We do not recommend our kittens to have FELV or FIP. We have found many times those shot do more damage than they do good. Ultimately it will be your choice.
Your vet should agree with your decisions and if they don’t, please pick the kitten up and walk out. Find a new vet.
Make sure you are PRO ACTIVE in your pets care. I can not express that strong enough! Know EXACTLY what your vet is giving your kitten or doing to your kitten. Don’t just stand there and let them do whatever they want. This is your kittens life. The vet works for YOU. We understand the vets have been to college and knows many things about many animals. BUT they are NOT specific to the breed.

If you have any questions, simply call us. 419 533 3719
We do not recommend Ketamine as it has proven fatal to many animals. Again ultimately if is your decision.

Savannah Kittens Coming Home


Additional Tips for Bringing Home New Kittens

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