Savannah Kittens Jumping

Savannah Kittens Jumping

I have decided to write about savannah kittens jumping and their ability to make straight up leaps.  While we are all attracted to that ability, I feel it’s best to warn about the dangers of a young savannah kittens jumping too high.

My savannah kittens just naturally do it while playing with their toys. The F6 kittens seem to want to jump from the moment they are born. They are very good at it. They mature quickly and their bodies are usually caught up with their legs. They climb, they jump and the leap.

My F2 Savannah Kittens will also make leaps and jumps. However, the higher generations shouldn’t be allowed to freely jump at choice.  I tend to stop them from getting on cat trees too high. I play with the feather toys with them usually back and forth.  I let them learn their stalking techniques.  I noticed the higher generations will not always make the correct choice when it comes to their abilities.

I have seen f2 kittens try and leap from a 6 foot tree. Luckily I am usually there to catch them. I don’t feel their little legs have the strength to absorb that type of jump. I don’t let them on a tree any higher than 3 feet before they are about 4 or 5 months old.

My new F1’s that come in are limited to shorter trees also. I have seen broken legs from savannah kittens jumping from places too high. They will eventually learn to jump on their own so no need to try and hurry it along simply because you think it’s cool.  trust me, it’s just as cool to see a 6 month old savannah cat jump as it is to see a 10 week old savannah kitten jump.

I am not telling anyone not to have fun with their kittens. I am simply saying they are kittens and sometimes don’t use good judgement. It’s up to us to help them out. Remember they just came into this world a few weeks ago, everything is new to them.  Tone it down and go a little slower with them. you will have plenty of time to watch your savannah kittens jumping.

Savannah Kittens Jumping


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