Savannah Kittens Please Call Home I Miss You.

Savannah Kittens Please Call Home I Miss You.

Each Savannah kitten I place into a home, I always say the exact same thing. “Please send me pictures and updates”. Most say “absolutely”, but most do not. I decided to write this to explain why I say that. It’s not just to sound like I care. It’s not to put on some show that my kittens are important to me.
It’s because THEY ARE!

You have to remember each one of my savannah kittens that come to life by Amanukatz is a Savannah kitten I personally held. I picked that little tiny creature up in my hands and cuddled it to my face and gave it so many kisses shortly after it was born. I know Mom and Dad did all the work, but they are still my little babies. I see these Savannah kittens all day long and all night for weeks on end.

The Savannah kittens start out not knowing anything. They can’t see, they can’t walk, they can barely meow. As they grow I watch them open their little eyes and take their first look at life. I watch them when they try to stand and take their first steps. Then the exploring starts. I get to watch them wobble across the floor not really knowing where they are going or even what they are doing. It’s me. I spend those precious moments with them.

By the time your kitten comes home with you, I know it’s meow. I know it’s personality. I know everything about it. I can usually tell you funny little stories about it. Or a life changing event, like it stepped into my dinner plate just as I was about to take a bite of food. Each and every kitten is special to me. So of course I would be sad to see it leave and never know anything about it again. I love my kittens. When I look into their little eyes I see more than simply a cat. I see a little being that eats and breathes and relies on each of us for their entire lives. It’s impossible to let them go and not care after that.

So, with that being said. Will my babies please call home? I miss them. A picture would be awesome. Maybe a few updates. Just let me know they are ok and happy. Maybe they even have a family of their own. I would love to see their babies too.

To all my families who do stay in touch, thank you so much. You have no idea how much it means to me to hear stories and see pictures. These are little lives that all started here and I get so thrilled to see pictures and hear how much they are loved. 🙂


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