Savannah Queens

Savannah Queens

We are so proud to offer kittens from our savannah queens. Each of our Savannah Cats have something special to offer. Many we have bred and raised right here so we have known them from the beginning. You can click on the plus sign to get the bio of each queen.  There you will see who their parents are and how they came to be.

All our savannah queens have an update page so you can see when their next litters are due. From the moment they are bred we get super excited. We post pictures of the babies as a group until the mommy is secure enough to allow us to hold them. Sometimes we can tell the sex right away and sometimes she prefers us to leave her alone.

Nadi Comes from Scotland and was imported last year. She currently has 1 baby. The most darling female with a black nose. You can see Nadi here: F1 Savannah queens.

Twister comes to us from Sadies Pets in Tenn. I have worked with Rise and purchased F1 savannah cats from her for several years. They always arrive happy and healthy. Twister is also on the F1 Savannah Cat queens page.

Don’t forget Legend, she also comes From Rise. She has Savannah kittens that grow into huge, beautiful Savannah Cats.

Thank you for your interest in all our savannah queens and upcoming savannah kittens.

Savannah Queens parent


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