Tys Savannah Kittens

Tys Savannah Kittens

Tys savannah kittens and his story. Ty is the strongest young man I know. I want to introduce you to him and his savannah cats. He is a true inspiration to everyone he meets in his life. We love you Ty!

“We have three Savannah’s in our house. I want to tell you the story of why we got them and how they helped me: In 2012 I was diagnosed with a cancerous brain tumor, I had to learn to use my left leg again, and my left hand.

When we got our Savannah’s, I was in a very bad spot in my treatment. I was hurting everyday, had lost 10% of my body weight, and was severely depressed. That is when he decided to get our first two Savannah’s, they brought so much joy, and laughter to my life. After about a month I was no longer depressed, and they also motivated me to get better and not give up.

While at the hospital, I knew when I got home I could see them and that they would be ecstatic to see me, and I’d be over joyed to see them. I love them so much. They are not just my pets. They are my family, and I love them like they’re my brothers.

Then we decided we wanted to look in to getting a female savannah. I saw one that I loved so much, just from seeing her picture on the internet. I really wanted her. I ended up getting her for Christmas, and she has also brought joy to my life. When I’m stressed or upset, there is always a kitty for me cuddle with.

This breed is nothing but loving and playful. I’m very glad I have Savannah cats. I believe that my Savannah cats saved my life, and continue to bring joy to be, and keep me happy and make me laugh. In conclusions, I love my cats.”

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