When Considering a Savannah Kitten

When Considering a Savannah Kitten

I am going to write this because when I was about 5 years old my mother told me a story. To this day the story has stuck in my head.

I am a kitten. I will tell you what I see and what happens to me in my life. Awe, life, my first breath. Where am I? What is this, I am cold. What’s this sound I am making. What is that, oh it’s my mom. She is cuddling me close. Stop licking my face. Milk? I understand now. My mom has milk and it’s warm and taste wonderful. I have to use my nose as I see nothing. Stop licking my face, I am trying to eat.What? what is this, it’s light. There’s a bright light. My eyes are opening and my feet are moving. I can stand on my own now. Ha, I am the master! Look at me, I can walk and see where I am going.

Whoa, what this. It’s a human? Don’t touch me, MOM, HELP ME, Mom! She’s squeezing me, I can’t breath. OMG, I am so high, put me down you will drop me. MOM HELP! A monster has me and she’s going to….. oh wait, she’s scratching my ear. That feels kind of nice. Oh yea, my neck now. Oh yes yes, don’t stop. Hey don’t put me down. That was awesome.

This is lovely, she comes everyday and plays with me. She scratches my head and gives me yummy food and this really cool feather. One day she came and held me to my mom and I gave mom a kiss bye. It was time to take the next step in my life. I get to meet new people everyday and play. The rest of the time I just lay around and do nothing but sleep. It’s hard being a kitten.

The next day I got up and found a new family looking at me. I know I am so cute, my human tells me so all the time. I have little green eyes and my fur is a lush brown spotted color. Everyone falls in love with me. I am the perfect kitten.

Today is different. There is something strange about these humans. There are big ones and small ones. Oh they are trying to play with me. I understand. I can play. These little humans make me laugh. They are really funny and so fast too. Wait what is that box, why am I being put in this box. Where are we going? A new place? This is so cool. There are all new toys here. What a great place. They have food and the little humans and toys and this is where I am going to live now. I am so happy.

I begin to grow and get bigger. My coat is so soft. I can purr so loudly. I am the master of the house. It’s really nice here but no one really plays with me anymore. I wish the humans would play sometimes. I get bored. There’s nothing to do. The toys are all worn out and I think the humans through them away. I tried to play with the little humans but they won’t play. If I push them, they hit me with their hands. I don’t understand. I am not sure if that’s how they play but it hurts. There’s a big human at the table. I will jump up and say hello. OUCH, why did he push me off the table? I can get him to pet me, I will rub on his leg, he always likes that. What? he kicked me. Why did he kick me? I understand nothing.

Today must be a big day. He has the box out again. Am I going to the vet for another shot? Are we going to finally buy new toys? I am so excited. I will jump right in. Finally my humans are paying attention to me. This will be an awesome fun day!

Wait I haven’t see this place before. Where are we? Who is that. What are they saying, I didn’t mean to scratch the little human. She pulled her hand away so fast, I thought she was playing mouse. No, no I jumped on the table to say, hello. I didn’t mean to be bad. I didn’t mean to hurt anyone. I am sorry. Please don’t leave me here. Wait, your my family. What did I do wrong? I don’t understand. What does owner surrender mean? What’s going to happen to me? Please don’t put me in that little cage. There’s nothing in here. Please don’t leave me.

I am so frightened. The bars are hurting my feet. It’s so loud. The dogs won’t stop barking and the slamming doors. What happened to my humans. I don’t know anyone. I can see others around me. There are so many. Why are we here. What is this place? I see others leaving so we must be able to go somewhere. When they leave they don’t come back.

Today seems to be my turn. She is finally taking me out of this horrible cage. It’s so nice to get my ears scratched again. I love the cuddle so much.

WAIT STOP!!!! This is the room they all go in and don’t come back. Please don’t take me in there. What are you doing? Why did you tie that on my leg, it hurts. Please take it off. No don’t put that needle in there. What are you doing? ouch that hurts. No stop, please don’t leave me. I am thinking of my mom. I want my mom. I want her to cuddle me. I want to see my mom again. I feel terrible. Doesn’t anyone care. It’s so hard to breathe. I can’t move. What is happening to me. My chest hurts so badly. It’s cold on this table and it’s hard, it hurts my legs and back. The needle hurts my leg. Why is this happening. What did I do wrong…. As I  struggle to take my last breath, all I can see are the humans I loved so much and wonder why didn’t they love me. I had little green eyes and a beating heart. My fur was a lush brown spotted color.When considering any new pet. Please remember these are living, breathing animals who will need you for a very long time.


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