Why we can no Longer Accept Payments

Why we can no Longer Accept Payments for Savannah Kittens

Why we can no longer accept payments for Savannah Kittens. I have always been a trusting person. I have always gone out on a limb to help someone and I must say I am extremely disappointed. To me it is so sad when you trust a person and they do not live up to their promise. It’s also sad when 1 dishonest person has to ruin it for someone who might be honest.

I had 2 kittens available and spoke with a very nice young man about them. He indicated he wanted 1 but didn’t know which one. After several conversations he decided he wanted to take them both. I agreed to allow a discount as they planned to come pick them up.

Then I spoke with his father several times. His father explained he would not have the simple deposit for at least 3 weeks. (That should have been the first red flag) but I agreed it would be ok and I would hold them. They both seemed very caring, they both seemed very honest and truthful. Long story short the father called me and told me his sons friends had all just been killed in a car accident and both his father and I thought it would be nice if he could turn his feelings toward the kittens, so I allowed them to pick the kitten up without payment in full. (Later I found out that was a lie too)

The balance was to be paid Fed 7th to the 14th. When the 14th arrived, I emailed them and said are we still on for the 14th? I received an email back saying “oh yes we are” The 14th passed. Then the 21st, then the 28th and still no payment. Each time I email or call I am given excuses. I have asked for them to just return the kittens since they obviously can not afford to pay for them.

We are now almost to the end of August and still no money. It only takes 1 time for a breeder to say… that will never happen again. I do have a signed contract and I will file it in court, but I shouldn’t have to. I never asked a breeder to give me credit. I have always paid for my cats. I always made sure I was fair and honest with people.  I am totally confused as to why people must do this. I am sure there are honest families out there. Unfortunately when a breeder tells you no they can not allow the kitten to leave with the money, this is why. It’s not a matter of not trusting you, it’s a matter of someone before you has gotten the breeder.

Personally I have to worry now what kind of a home my kittens are in or if they are even alive. I wish I would have done more homework on them.

Update, there is now a court order demanding them to pay. Still no money. They obviously know how to play the system. I have also learned there are some past issues with their local humane society. If someone would go to that extreme and say people were actually killed to get their hands on kittens without paying for them you have to ask yourself just what length how you can trust anyone.

Why we can no longer accept payments for Savannah Kittens

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