F1 Savannah Cat Queens of Amanukats

F1 Savannah Cat Queens of Amanukats

F1 Savannah Cat. Here are a few on our current and past F1 Savannah Cat Queens. Some are no longer breeding but are still cherished family pets.


F1 Savannah Cat Queens of Amanukats. Introducing our newest addition to the family. Meet Akonadi. She has been imported from the UK. We are so thankful to Rosanne and George from HotSpot Exotics for allowing us to have this wonderful girl. She is such a pleasure to own.


Oc was my second F1 Savannah Cat Queen. This girl came to me when she was about 5 months old, also another great queen. Beacuse she was older, I was a nit nervous due to her age. While I was worried, she walked out of her crate and immediately began to purr. She has always been a very sweet people cat another reason we love her so much. First of all, she is absolutely the sweetest F1 Savannah I have. A true attention grabber and will be friends with anyone. Her savannah kittens all have that same personality and make wonderful pets. OC will be retiring this year.


Legend came to me from Sadie’s in Tennessee. We drove all day and night to pick her up. When I walked into the room to get her, she hissed at me and spit. I was instantly in love! It took her about 5 minutes to figure out she was now my baby. I took her out of her crate and held her most of the way home. She has been an over sized lap cat ever since. She has beautiful Savannah Kittens that grow to be monster size.


Finally, meet Twister, she is our newest upcoming F1 Savannah Queen. We are very excited to see the wonderful new F2 Savannah kittens Twister will produce in the future.



“Adisa & Kali”

We are Ohio’s leading breeder of F2 Savannah Kittens. Due to this we have plenty of experience with your new babies. While we enjoy playing with the kittens, we are always happy to see them in a new home.

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Male PricingFemale Pricing
F1 Savannah Kittens $10,000-$17,000F1 Savannah Kittens $10,000-$17,000
F2: Savannah Kittens $5,500-$7,500F2: Savannah Kittens $5,500-$7,500
F3: Savannah Kittens $2,500-$4,500F3: Savannah Kittens $2,500-$4,500
F4: Savannah Kittens $1,500-$3,500F4: Savannah Kittens $1,500-$3,500
F5-7: Savannah Kittens $1000-$3,000F5-7: Savannah Kittens $1000-$3,000


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