My Savannah Kitten is Shy

Why is My Savannah Kitten Shy

Why is my Savannah Kitten Shy? I hear this all the time. Let’s take a moment to think about what your new Savannah kitten has been through. In 12 short weeks they have started out being born. Then comes their eyes opening to a whole new big world.  They begin to walk and look around. Finally they realize they have brothers and or sister. Their own built in play mate. Then the fun begins. Their life is eating, sleeping and playing. How could this possibly be any better?

The next step in a savannah kittens life

All of a sudden Mom doesn’t come around as often.  But it’s okay because they still continue to play with their siblings.  What? It’s time for the vet and shots and a stranger poking around their whole body. But again they come back home and all is well. The kittens have many things to explore and have fun with. Life is good!

A New Beginning

Today there is 1 happy family arriving to pick up their new kitten today. Now, let’s think this over. In 1 day the kitten has lost all it’s familiar smells. The kitten lost it’s brothers and sisters. There are new sounds and new faces. Nothing looks familiar to them. What is all this? How can the kitten possibly feel relaxed when all in new. Some kittens walk out of the crate as if nothing happened at all. However, many are frightened. After all everything is new to them. Yes, they are going to be shy. You need to give them time to adjust.

What you can do to help your kitten

Start out with keeping the kitten in a quiet place. A small place. Bathrooms work great. I cover this in my bringing home kitten page. You need to stay with them and let them get to know you. I suggest taking a toy in and sitting with them. First of all, do not simply drop the kitten in your house and let it go. It needs time to adjust to all the strange sounds and smells. Keep in mind because this is all new to them, they can stress. Also, because they are stressed they can get sick. So we ask you to keep them quiet. Another good idea is keep them calm and spend as much time with them as you can.

Finally, while they are adjusting, let them get to know you in addition to their new home. Finally relax as they won’t be shy for very long 🙂



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