Story and her Strong Will Again

Story and her Strong Will Again

Story and her Strong Will Again. Yes, this is about my favorite girl Story. Yet again, Story is Story and I just love her to death.

I decided I was going to trim her nails yesterday. I made sure I was all prepared and had all my equipment ready for her. Because as we all know my beloved Story can be a handful sometimes.

I walked over to Story’s enclosure and started to open the door and walk in. She immediately jumped up on her tree and looked to see what wonderful items I had in my hand that she could play with or I should say take away from me and call her own. As usual she was all full of purs and lowered me closer and closer making me believe this was going to be a simple process.

I decided taking her out of the enclosure was the best way so I opened the door and she in her queen of the throne style strudded out. I sat down on the floor and put her between my legs and she laid right down. What a wonderful lady. Just as I pulled the clippers out she took one look at them and another look at me and said “I don’t think so, not today!” Well, me being her boss and all said “oh yes you are.

Is she a Cat or an Air Plane

I managed to get 1 foot out and clip one nail. At the sound of the clip she burst into air like she had taken lessons from Delta airlines. Up, up and away she went. She flew straight up to the top of the enclosure and ran to the back where she knew I could not reach her. I said “oh no you don’t and out smarted her by walking in her pen and going to the back. Little did she know I could not reach her anyway. She flew off the top of the enclosure and started running circles around the room. I felt like Wile E Coyote and she was the road runner.

Mini Bull Dozer

The entire time she knocked over anything that got in her way. I should rent this girl as a mini bulldozer. I would be rich. After 3 or 4 minutes of this I knew I had to try a different approach.

So I got out the towel and decided we would try that. Story took one look at the towel, quietly walked back in her enclosure, jumped on her top of her tree, sat down and said “bring it on”  hum… now I am not a total fool. This is Queen Story’s property and she knows it. I walked toward her, she pinned her ears, hissed at me and said “I told you not today” At that point I realized I had just been told what to do by a 22 pound cat. I realized if I stepped 1 foot closer she would slap me. So I said “FINE!” you win and took my clippers back out and put them on the shelf as I knew I had lost this battle with the queen for the day.

Back to Her Loving Self

As soon as she saw me put the clippers down and come back in her enclosure she came running to me all full of purs and as sweet as a new born kitten. I sat down on the floor and she climbed up in my lap and gave me kisses and head butts. I can not believe this cat just ordered me around. Story gets her nails trimmed all the time. Sometimes I think she does this just so I know I am HER beloved pet and as much as we would all like to think we have total control over our animals. The truth is we will always be there for them. They will tell us what to do and what they are not going to do.

Story has always had a mind of her own. She and I have always had a relationship that sometimes I can control and sometimes she will control. I love her dearly and know I allow her to get away with things she shouldn’t, but that’s what being “My Girl Story” is all about.

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